2012 Olympics Poem

The Wait is Almost Over

The Starting Gun lies silent, waiting, cold inside the starter’s simple wooden drawer Anticipation seeds and grows behind each village, town and city dweller’s door
A Stadium stands ready, proud, expectant,
knowing that its naked strength the world will come to know
And we the people of Great Britain,
open armed bid welcome Planet Earth to our Olympic show
The Games are here to give a lift to all and all who need a lift, so let’s rejoice
And through the multi coloured rings,
let multi coloured culture raise its celebratory voice
Let those who represent our flags run, swim and throw their level
for their God or Gods, their Mums, their Dads
Whilst young and old warm heart and soul
beneath the flame that burns for this Olympiad

© Henry Birtles

Henry Birtles

Henry Birtles

Henry Birtles has worked in Television Rights Distribution since 1996. Having opened his industry account with NVC Arts (a Warner Music Group company), he moved into sports with leading UK Independent Production Company Sunset + Vine in January 2000, before setting up his own media consultancy HBA in November 2006.

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